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Payment Options

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Medic Buddy currently accepts the following insurance plans.

Blue Cross/ Blue Shield

United Health Care (UHC)

New Mexico Health Connections

True Health

*Note that these visits will appear as billed through Duke City Urgent Care

Self-Pay Patients

No insurance · High Deductible · Out-of-Network Insurance

We offer a flat rate of $200 per visit. This rate covers an evaluation and treatment. This amount excludes any third party charges.
The self-pay option is available for the following patients:

  • No insurance
  • High Deductible Health Plans
  • Out-of-Network Insurance

Initial payments are due at the time of registration. Please be aware that we will not be able to file a claim for the Out-of-Network patients who elect to choose the self-pay option. You will have to file a claim directly with your health insurance for reimbursement.

Other Financial Information

Financial Policy:

The patient and/or guarantor are ultimately responsible for all charges associated with your visit regardless of insurance coverage. All balances from previous visit(s) are due and payable prior to any new visits. If your health insurance policy contains a deductible, we will require a preauthorized hold on a major credit card for future balances. We will verify your insurance benefits to the best of our ability, however, there may be additional balances due after your health insurance processes your claim according to your benefits. In the event that we cannot verify your health insurance benefits, we will expect payment in full at the time of service.

Credit Card Hold

Medic Buddy (MB)/Duke City Urgent Care (DCUC) requires that patients provide a credit card to hold on file. MB/DCUC does not store any data and the data will be stored by First Data, one of the largest data storage and security firms in the U.S. MB/DCUC will not charge your card without first notifying you with a statement after your claim has been submitted to, and paid by, your insurance provider. Upon receipt of the statement you will have 2 weeks to contact DCUC to pay via your preferred method (cash, check, credit card). In the event that you do not contact DCUC, the credit card on file will be charged up to $250 for payment of the balance due.

Third Party Charges

Our charges do not include outpatient labs, imaging studies, DME, and other diagnostic services not performed or provided by Medic Buddy/Duke City Urgent Care. You may receive bills from third party companies for these services. The patient and/or guarantor are responsible for third party charges.

Worker’s Compensation

We provide access for evaluation and treatment of Worker’s Compensation related injuries and medical complaints. A Photo ID along with a first report of injury from your employer is needed to file a Worker’s Compensation claim. The patient will also be asked to fill out a Worker’s Compensation form during the visit. If the required information is not provided by the patient and the claim is denied, the patient will ultimately be responsible for the charges for the said date of service.

Billing Terms

Payment is due upon receipt of your statement. Balances will be considered past due if no payment is received within 30 days of the statement issue date. All past due amounts may be subject to a monthly late fee. All balances that are not paid within 90 days will be referred to a collection agency. Payment arrangements are available. Payments can be made by sending it in by mail to 11601 Montgomery Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111-2660, or over the phone with our billing office at 505-814-1996. If payment is made by check and the check is returned by your bank for any reason, a $25 returned check fee will be added to your account.

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Your 21st century house-call, our Medic Buddy team meets patients at the most convenient location for them to provide the highest quality of Urgent Care and Primary Care services here in New Mexico.
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